Pics of my wife Darlene and myself here. She changed my life.......all for the better too
Clff Clavens' Buffalo Theory
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Rod Ansell - The real Crocodile Dundee. This is the story behind the legend, and the tragedy that unfolded. This link also contains a link to Sgt. Glen Huitson - the policeman that Ansell shot and killed
Build your very own plane in 7 easy steps
We figured a couple hours tops would be heaps of time at Gracelands. We spent 6 hours there
10 of lifes little known facts - You might actually find a couple of them reasonably interesting
Our 1 acre of land - from its humble beginnings to present day
One day I decided to get my name as a dotcom name
I always wanted fame .......
....... So I wentst out and gotst me some
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Made in Australia
Under the shade of a Coolibah tree
One mans vain attempt to gain notoriety and infamy on the internet
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No reason for it really, I just wanted to have my name as a dotcom name